Looking for a career transition from System administration / DevOps to Data Science/Engineering



I am an 8+ years experienced System Admin/DBA with a solid background in Oracle Databases and systems with hands on on Linux and Windows. I have been in the role of Solution Architect/DevOps lately too.

Lately, I have increased inclination towards Data Science/Engineering and have complete “Data Science Specialization from John Hopkins University” course offered by Coursera with flying colors.

I even created a text prediction app as part of my final Capstone project.

How ever I need more guidance on getting a job and kick starting my career in this field.

I am also thinking on relocating to India, so any advice on the growth and salary will be also helpful in setting the right expectations.

Devang Sharma




My suggestion being in this field for 10+ years would be to join some company or start a personal project where you use the knowledge gained from the DS fundamentals to build something useful. I think first you should select a domain for start which you like. For example: Lets say you like finance, so you start with using the techniques of DS starting from simple like Linear Regression or Neural Nets and applying it in finance domain. Start with some real world problem like Predicting the housing prices and use real data and backtest your projections. Create applications which work in real world scenarios and also learn how these are deployed on scale. Its a different thing to work on small datasets and things are very different on huge datasets. This is where your existing DBS and Devops experience will be useful

Regarding your question of getting a job there is a lot of demand in the market for Data Science professionals so your should apply. For cracking interviews of Data Science we have created a course at https://courses.analyticsvidhya.com/courses/ace-data-science-interviews and it may help you out. Also there are some workshops we conduct in Gurgaon about career guidance so if you are in Delhi NCR you can contact for the same and get a more in person guidance



Also my personal recommendation is you should first get your DS job of liking in India and then move since you are already doing a job which I suppose you like since you have been doing it for 8+ years



Thanks Anand. Those were some very helpful inputs.