Looking for a team to learn data science together



Hello everybody,

I am currently working in an MNC and learning data science side by side alone. If anyone is interested and serious about making a career in data science , please contact . We can form a team and learn together . It can boost productivity and knowledge to a great extent and help us achieve our goals earlier. Anyone willing to learn together , please feel free to contact.

Thank you


I am want to join in your team.


I am willing .


I would like to join the team.


i am also learning DS and ML on my own. I’d be pleased to meet up and share knowledge!



I created a slack work space you can join. Channels of AV on slack are not very helpful. Others will seldom help beginners. Since we all are in the learning phase we might be able to help each other better.
About myself: I’m a final year btech student. I have been learning data science for a while now. Due to college work, I have not been very active but I do participate in hackathons or work on some data set from time to time. This helps me to prevent forgetting what I have learned.

Share the link with those who are interested. We don’t want 100s of messages about who joined the channel.

slack link: https://join.slack.com/t/ds-dl/shared_invite/enQtMzExMzE0MTgyNzA1LTM5YzM2ZjdhNjU5ZmE3MzkxOGM4ODJlN2I1ODJkYzQyMjc0NzJhNmEyMzM1ODFmNjU1MDkwMTIwNzUwZGY3MWU


I am interested. I have the basics of Machine Learning in R and Python. Also know the data Pre-processing steps. Would like to jump into.


Even I am willing to join!


I want to be in your team.


Hello guys,

Thanks for such a good response. Anybody who is willing to learn can join the team. I have created a slack workspace to share out resources and ideas. I am also adding some other people who are willing to learn. Please feel free to join the workspace and also invite other learners.

Thank you,

Here’s the link , pls join



Hi Keshav, Thanks for the initiative. Even iam working in an MNC and learning DS-ML along with it from last 3-4 months. iam interested in learning together as itll motivate and we’ll get different ideas. Please let me know the plan.

Thanks in advance.


please join the slack so that we can discuss further :slight_smile:



Im interested, but how will it be so we can make it work??


I am interested


Willing to join


Hello Keshav Sir,
I am going to be graduate in 2018, I am interested in making a career in Data Science. We can share further details. If you find me compatible.


i am also interested


I too interested



I am interested, but how will it be so we can make it work??

My contact details as below:
M: 9555485644
Email: sahadebapriyo1990@gmail.com



I am ready