Macbook 13" vs Macbook 15" for Machine Learning




I am considering purchasing a macbook for running all kinds of machine learning algorithms.

There are 2 options:

  1. Macbook 13" - Dual Core | i5 | 256GB | 8 GB RAM
  2. Macbook 15" - Quad Core | i7 | 256GB | 16 GB RAM

Detailed comparison can be found at -

The price difference is around 30K between the two. Please suggest if going for the 15" model is worth it or the 13" would suffice?



Go with 15" quad core. It is worth every incremental penny for computational purpose.

If you want to keep option of running CUDA computations (for deep learning) at a later point, order the one with NVIDIA graphics card.



Thanks Kunal!

I’ll probably go with the 256GB 15". The one with NVIDIA graphics might not fit the budget.



I think I’d go with the 13" and use the money saved to pay for GPU computations in an AWS (Amazon Web Services) instance.


Yes that’s definitely an option. But I wish to use it for more academic purposes and I feel AWS would increase a lot of dependencies. Always requiring internet and then thinking monetarily always.

But yes I’ll definitely go for it in future while pursuing product development. It would give more power. Right now, the macbook should serve my needs. Thanks for your input!