Making system to identify relations among Legal Entities



Working on a project where we try to find relation between Organizations. Currently we are doing this manually using Google web search.
Is there any way we can automate this manual effort?



Can you provide more details on what is required, what is the current process and what would you actually require?




Let me brief you the processes.

We are cleaning the asset details of a customer, lets say Dell. We have the list of asset data of dell. Now we have a source (Lest Say Source A) which has the asset information of various Organizations.
Now here the challenge comes , I want to check whether Dell has any subsidiaries present in Source A, for that we manually pick each Organization from “Source A” and Check on Google whether that Organization belong to Dell or not.

What can you suggest to automate this manual task.

Your help will be highly appreciated.



@kunal Your help on this will be highly appreciated.


Please require more information to help :

  1. How you are doing now ?
  2. What exactly you are doing now ? (Brief Summary)
  3. What you want to change now ?