Market Basket Analysis - QlikView Integration with R



I am trying to integrate QlikView with R for Market Basket Analysis (MBA). I need to be able to pull data from my QV application, send it to R for MBA and sent back the analysis and graphs generated to QV application for visualisation and further analysis. I have gone through two examples on the QV Community but they are not detailed enough for a beginner to replicate the examples. Can anyone assist in this?


See Ferran Garcia Pagans “Predictive Analytics Using Rattle and Qlik Sense” book, published in June 2015.


Thank you very much for your input. I have that book but unfortunately integration with Qlik Sense approach used in this book is a simplistic non-interactive one as opposed of sending data from Qlik, processed by R and returned to QV which is interactive and makes use of VBScript within QV.