Massive Open Online Courses



I just came to know that there are many websites offering free courses as well as verified certificate courses on interner like Coursera,Edx,Udacity etc.Now my question is whether is it sufficient to just complete the free course by ourselves or do we need to get a verified certiifcate(which will be given if we pay a certain ammount to the website) from the respective websites as i am planning to put all the MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) in my resume.

If you suggest me to do verified certificate courses , Please suggest me some economic websites where I can do my MOOC.

Thanks in Advance


@harshabeesai1026 - I think the main thing is the knowledge you acquire from the MOOC course. Verified certificate wont matter as far as you can explain what you have learnt from all your MOOC courses. Thus according to me Verified certificate is not a necessity.


Thank you HUNAIDKHAN2000…


Hi @harshabeesai1026

One point you should consider if you plan to leverage the MOOC effort you put in and want to work in this area, is how the recruitment is done. Some organisations will go through Linkind, if you take the verified certificate you can push he id and all, therefore it looks that you did it, which is true, no problem to justify… and some organisations are strict with this.
If it is for you not necessary, enjoy do your best and learn a lot.
Hope this help