Masters degree selection


Im in the final year of Bsc(Maths, Physics, Computer) from Delhi University. I have been taught languages like R, Python, Java etc. Which master degree should I go for to be able to get selected as data analyst? Right now Im thinking of MCA, is this the right path? Can you suggest something better and accurate?


Do an MSC in statistics or even a PHD. That has a better chance than MCA. You can be a data scientist too instead of data analyst.


I would agree with @vivekps that there are better options that MCA out there.

If you can afford - you can even think of doing a masters in data science from the US - will provide you lot more exposure.

If not, then M.Sc. stats is better. Also, irrespective of the degree, keep learning the domain by yourself. You are more likely to see returns from self learning.