MBA after Analytics


Hi everyone,

I am looking to make career in analytics, just wanna go ahead and see various possibilities of my career ahead. Would it make sense for someone to go for full time MBA after working in Analytics (say 2-3 years) ? Taking this option, I just only think that I will be studying MBA for 2 years and won’t be using any Tools during my MBA. So, As we all know that Analytics industries is changing continuously specially new tools are coming very quickly making the old one less demanding. So, the question is if I spend 2 years in studying MBA and by the time the Tools in which I had worked on before that would become outdated and can hurt my profile and job possibilities after MBA.

Is this Possible ?

Also, suggest me benefits of going for MBA after having some experience in Analytics.

Thanks and looking for someone advise.


@rjassal - What would you like to do after MBA matters a lot here. If you want to be a analytics manager or applying your managerial skills to a particular domain, you need not worry about the change in tools. If you want to be a techie, then you may not need a MBA at all :wink: As far as analytics or data science is concerned, the underlying concepts of statistics/machine learning is more important than the tools. I believe the open source tools like R and python are here to stay till you come back in case if you go for an MBA.

Further, a MBA with analytics may not necessarily will give you a career in analytics. If you really want to make a career in this field, try developing your current skills.


Thanks @karthe1 for the insights.

Being a commerce graduates, I am into finance domain right now and looking to switch to analytics. I have not used SAS,R in my work experience of 15 months, though I have used SQL plenty of times. However, I have learnt SAS, R and Tableau from open sources and continuously learning from the study materials.

What do you suggest me to go for full time programmes to get job ?

Ultimate purpose is to get started with analytics. I haven’t seen many openings for freshers and that too for someone with commerce background. So, Can you provide me listing of the companies or may be some other job portal who places most of the analytics opening ?

@kunal Please provide your insights for switching into analytics.

Thank you!