Mechanical guy wants to pursue career in analytics pros and cons



this is a 25 yrs old mechanical guy wants to make career in analytics,i am highly motivated to make a career in this field and but uncertain because i have diff work experiences 1) business developer 2) bpo tech sales
wants to know with this kind of background is it feasible to make career in this field and should be the steps i should keep in mind to have well settled career in 4 to 5 years , i am quick at grasping new things so amount of study wont matter and also please suggest should continue to work in other field or leave job and study full time money is not a problem .@kunal

thanks in advance
waiting for your reply eagerly


Hi @utkarsh199020!

Though Kunal is the best person to answer this, I would like to share some thoughts.

  1. It’s good that you have decided analytics as your career path. I suppose you’ve dome some research and this is more of an informed decision rather than following the data science buzz. You might want to refer to this:

  2. I think your experience will help as domain knowledge is really essential for solving any business problem. But this would also depend on which domain you’ve worked in. Is it core mechanical or some other?

  3. If you have 4-5 yrs and no constraints over time and money, you can think of post-graduate education as well. You can find some useful programs in India here -
    Many MS in Analytics programs are available abroad as well which you might want to check out.

Regarding what to study, you can check out one of the learning paths at

All the best.