Microsoft tools in analytics



What are some of the Microsoft tools used in analytics?



Microsoft has several tools which are used in Analytics industry:

  1. Microsoft Excel - Probably the most commonly used tool for analytics across the board. Be it financial models, what if scenarios, ad-hoc analysis with Pivot Tables, it is hard to see anlaytics with Pivot Tables.
  2. Microsoft Access, SQL and SQL servers
  3. Azure Machine Learning Platform on Cloud

And with the recent acquisition of Revolution Analytics, it is serving R implementation for Enterprise customers.



thank you @kunal …that helps!!


Hi Kunal,

Thanks for the very informative message, I’ve heard the R doesn’t have user friendly GUI like SAS, Do you think with Microsoft taking stake in Revolution Analytics and showing keen interest in improving the acceptance of R, it will also be able to improve the functionality or GUI features of R over a period of time, as it has expertise in house?

Let me know your thoughts.


you can use many many GUI in R. I recommend the Deducer , R Commander and the Rattle GUI

see these


Thanks Ajay, that’s interesting!