Milestones while learning data science



I am willing to build my profile as data scientist, I started learning python for data science. However I am not able to measure progress or speed of learning. So I am willing o make some study plan so I can measure progress and increase speed of learning.
I have little experience of programming in mainframe. So your guidance on this would be appreciated and will help me to in learning path. So please suggest milestones which I will have to keep in mind to learn data science.



Follow this learning path -

Each step mentioned is a milestone.


Hi @nikhiljain

First milestone from my point of view:

  1. Go through
  2. Go trough Applied predictive modeling

Then you are one good track to attack Regression Modeling Strategy

And well done once you finish
Hope this help


Thanks Alain for your attention towards my question. This path looks good for those who have some knowledge about data science. Comprehensive learning path mentioned by @aayushmnit suffice my need.


thanks @aayushmnit for bringing this great article to notice. This is really great learning path for freshers like me. I am following and very sure that I will achieve what I am expecting.