Mini Hack - Excel



Excel is everywhere you look in the analytics world, since it provides enormous capacity to do quantitative analysis and has a very intuitive interface.

Considering Excel to be an invaluable source of data analysis, we have come up with Mini Hack –Excel.

Brush up your skills and stay prepared to give your best in this DataHack and take back Amazon vouchers worth Rs 18K (~$265).


This mini event will take place on 5th March (Saturday) from 8:00PM to 11:00PM (IST).

Prizes to be Won:
1.First prize: Rs 10,000
2.Second prize: Rs 5,000
3.Third prize: Rs 3,000

Book your diaries for these** three hours** to get the most heated up knowledge experience!
Three hours of yours can make you move a step ahead towards your goal!

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this is my first participation in your hackatons, so if i didn’t choose right category, please remove this.

As foreigner (not indian) am i allowed to take part in your hackaton? I am asking because your prize is in indian currecy.

I am newbie, so stupid question. How will we upload our solution? i could not find instructions anywhere



Our community comprises of Data Scientists from all over the world. So even if you do not belong to India, it should be of no concern. You are most welcome to take part in our hackathons. Prize money is also mentioned in dollars so you can get an idea about the winning amount.
Regarding the submissions, when you register for the Hackathon and it’s Live you have an option in the solution checker column for submissions.



Recently I am following AnalyticsVidya. I like the materials and ideas on analytics. My question is regarding mini hack, can I get the solutions/ideas of other participants (at-lease the person who got the first). If yes, what is the link for “Mini Hack - Excel”?. My objective is to learn better and participate better in upcoming hackathons. I am aware of the article “What did you miss ? Complete Solution of Mini Hack Excel”. My question is to know(learn) mostly on different approaches by different people. Please help :slight_smile: