MISB Bocconi's Program Online Course Content. How good is it?




I recently came to know about Jigsaw’s & MISB Bocconi’s Executive Program in Business Analytics. After reading its review, I figured out that half of the course will be driven online, using tutorials.

If any of you has undertaken this course, can you please brief me on the content access provided as a part of this program? Will this content be provided by Jigsaw Academy ? If Yes, Can I also avail that content directly from their site, without enrolling into this program?




You are right - the online content will be provided by Jigsaw Academy. You can access the online content by enrolling with Jigsaw Academy, but in that case you will not benefit from the classroom interactions - 120 hours in total spread across 18 days and the online classes as well.

The certificate would also be a joint certificate from MISB & Jigsaw vs. just Jigsaw.

Hope this helps.