Model building help in Excel



I want some help in how to build the model using four variables and predicting Income group of various ID in Excel.I am able to do it separetely for each variables using pivot tables but not with four variables together.
And also how to submit the result in samole submission way…its showing error to me that its "Your file has 16820 more values than 16821"
I didnt understand this plz help me build a model taking 4 variables together.

Thank You


Hi @Varshu,

You can use the ‘Data Analysis Toolpack’ which would be present in MS Excel.
View this link for steps to load the add-in.
The toolpack has many tools that might help you with data analysis in Excel. You can perform regression, find correlation and do basic data explorations.

Regarding the error in uploading the sample solutions file, please check that the number of rows match in the test set and the sample solutions file.