Most useful data mining libraries in Python



I have covered basics of Python using the course from Codeacademy and I am now comfortable with Python basics and Object oriented programming.

I have been suggested to start learning libraries used for data mining to continue my learning. What all libraries should I learn? In how much detail? If some one can help me with details on role which each of these libraries would play, it would help me understand the use in more details.

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Here is a must know list of libraries, if you want to use Python for data mining:

  1. NumPy - stands for Numerical Python. Most commonly used for n-dimensional arrays, random number operations

  2. SciPy - stands for Scientific Python. Can be used for Fourier transforms, Linear Algebra

  3. Matplotlib - provides MATLAB like plotting functionality in Python

  4. Pandas - brings DataFrame in Python. This should provide you easy ways to aggregate and Pivot data

  5. Scikit-learn - Most useful library for Machine Learning on Python

  6. Regular Expressions - You will use it for data munging and pattern extraction

Additional libraries which you might find useful:

  • BeautifulSoup - for crawling web pages in case you need to extract data from the web
  • Pattern - for NLP, machine learning and network analysis
  • Statsmodels - for Descriptive stats, hypothesis testing
  • NetworkX & igraph - for graph based data manipulation
  • os - for using os inside Python applications
  • urllib - to open web pages and perform file operations
  • NLTK - Natural Language ToolKit for Natural Language Processing

You can read more about these libraries here:

This should be a good list to learn and explore




You might also find this link useful:

Not only Python, it has good collection for other languages used in Machine learning.