Moving into analytics after a career break (q&a)



Today I read Kunal’s article regarding diving into analytics after break in career-

where one line said :-
"It is surprising how many people ask “Do I need to be good at stats in order to be a good analyst?”. If you face this question in your mind, you are better not pursuing this venture."
In today’s information age I personally feel that analysis is no more a professional skill, it is a life skill and one has be good at numbers even though he/she is afraid, but lets face it. All I want to know is, are there any professional institutes which are into mathematical thinking, logical reasoning, logic +algorithm building. I will be glad if someone has identified this area already.
Please guide.



I think I have an answer for your query.
We are a start-up by the name of Quantum of Excellence.
The idea challenges the traditional methods of learning by laying a foundation of ‘thinking and not-learning’ and is applied on Mathematics based subjects such as - Algorithms, Quantitative ability, business/data analytics, etc.The end result for the learners(as we call them) is - career acceleration for working professionals, cracking technical,business/data analytics company interviews, coding competitions & other competitive exams.

We follow the identity -
So, the best way to learn algorithms is to intuitively understand the puzzles/logic aspect first.

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