MS Data Science/MS Data Analytics

I am pursuing Bachelor’s in Commerce (Honours) from Delhi University. I want to pursue MS in Data Science/MS in Data Analytics but I see most of the prestigious college doesn’t take people from a management background. I have done a certification course on Data Analytics and Business Intelligence. Please suggest me colleges where I may get admission.


Hi Sanyam,

As of now, I am pursuing MS in Data Science from LJMU which is an 18 months of the program in association with UpGrad.

This program is completely online, you can do so with 10-12 hours of effort per week.

Till now I have completed my 12 months of journey & the program is going as expected.

For fee waiver/discount; you can use my referral code: DALP634

All the Best!!

Hi Sanyam, it’s great to hear that you completed the Data Analytics course. You can go through Online Tableau Training in Pune so it will help you in Data science to visualize data and conduct your data analysis in a successful manner.

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