My 500 Words : An attempt to be better at blogging



Taken up another challenge. This “blog” thing had been bothering for quite some time now. So its time for me to face it head on!

PS: A little background to the idea; I found this on the internet when searching for “how to be a better blogger” (I know, pretty lame right?) I’ve always been interested in challenges, and this is my idea to make the “writers block” go away. As per the site,

My 500 Words is a 31-day challenge designed to help you answer that question. It will help you get more disciplined, hone your craft, and finally become the writer you’ve dreamed of being.

I don’t know if its true or not, but I will try my best to keep it up everyday for a month.

Note: This is not strictly worth to be in an “analytics” discussion, but I’m too lazy to make a blog especially for it :innocent:.

My Random Nonsense!

Day 1

Why I like Python?

You may ask, why am I even writing this? Well “as we have seen above”, I have just taken up a challenge to write atleast 500 words about literally anything. So I going to do it, but I’ll be a bit organized. I’ll share three things everyday for this month.

  • A bit about my personal experience about a topic (strictly technical)
  • A link worth exploring (technical/non-technical)
  • The song I’m listening to when I write this (just for fun)

So lets get started!

Preamble, I will be talking about Python, the language and not Python, the animal :innocent: :wink:

Python for me is the easiest language to know. You don’t have to think of the syntax, the “implementation details” when writing code. You just write it.

In comparison to various other programming languages, why I like python is:

  • Its general purpose. Whether you want to write a bash script, or a full stack website, python is always there with you.
  • Its simple and crisp. Have you ever compared the lines of code for a same code with C or Java. You’d instantly know the difference :slight_smile:
  • There’s always a package for everything. Python community is very active, so if you want to do anything, you find that there a package already there available for you.
  • pip is there!. If you have worked on a linux machine, you would be familiar with command line interface. In linux, softwares like apt-get or yum are very helpful for searching for a package and downloading it. pip helps in searching these packages for you and download them, without you trying explicitly to search for the package and downloading it manually. Also, with things like anaconda, you basically have not to think of any dependency check too!

My personal absolutely favorite thing I like of python, YOU ARE THE BOSS. You don’t have to worry about remembering syntax, you don’t have to worry about advanced things like “pointers” and memory management. You are actually working on solving the problem and nothing else. This is the best thing which i like, and that’s why i switched from C# to python, absolute freedom!

Here I gave a (very) brief overview of why I like python. If you read this, do share the best you like about your language of choice!

Todays interesting link is a youtube channel by the name Mathematical Monk. Many of you may already know about it but for those who don’t, its an excellent video series giving an indepth mathematical perspective of some high level concepts such as Machine Learning and Information Theory.

And yes, todays song of the day is “Makhaul” by Akhil and Manni Sandhu. Why am I listening to it? Because the music is serene, has a meaning behind it and has an awesome video story!


Day 2

Why I prefer Machine Learning (ML) / Artificial Intelligence (AI) over any other domain?

Note: This is another excerpt for my 500 words challenge. To read more about perusal, go here.

To start with, I would say that I am an inherently lazy person. I would rather pester someone else to bring me things than to physically get up and get it. This is one of my main motivator when getting into ML / AI, I would want Robots to do all the manual work :laughing: .

A little intro to ML, ML is nothing but making machine do tasks without being explicitly programmed. It (the machine) can be trained to do various tasks which would increase our overall productivity. Some examples that could be given are self driving cars, fraud detection softwares and predictive analytics.

My journey to ML has been a little windy. I was first a little bit more interested in mobile app development and intended to be a game developer. But as time went, I got more into automating stuff. Thats where ML started for me.

My first ML project was to build a chatbot. It was pretty dumb, and most of the times it just didn’t know what to say! Then I got to know competitive data science. It was just the thing I wanted to do. Its like “give me a few hours, I will give you a real life application!”

From the day I started to now, I have learnt many things. But everyday I learn something new and I feel like there’s still a million things left unexplored.

Here I gave a (very) brief overview of why I prefer ML. If you read this, do share your personal experience of “getting started” with ML.

Today’s link of the day is a resource guide to coding interviews. Its a nice compilation of everything you need to ace a coding interview.

By the way, there’s many songs which I heard today, but the one song of the day which I would like to share is “Jaaniyan of Ek tha Tiger”. Like our previous song, its soothing and that’s why I like it!


Day 3

Why am I obsessed with Deep Learning?

Note: This is another excerpt for my 500 words challenge. To read more about perusal, go here.

Deep Learning, a name which itself gets you intrigued. It makes me think, how could you “deeper” your learning? If you ask me, I always would try to get to the “expert level” to anything which I do, because (I think) I’m a perfectionist. Then in the same way, whatever artificial intelligence I would create would be focused be a grand-master of a topic. I don’t know whether Deep Learning could help me achieve this goal, but it seems like a fair bet to try!

Lets break down Deep Learning to understand it. What is Learning? According to wiki, “Learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught”. What is “Deep” in DL signify? It means that we telling our model to “get to know the world better”, to ask more questions, to be more inquisitive. When we were a kid, we would always be inquisitive of the world. Little things would get us excited, and we would always pester the grownups with every little detail just to get know to the world better.

My journey to DL started even before I had probed machine learning. When I started learning “deep learning”, I never new that its such a vast topic. Even though there is an ocean of content on deep “neural networks”, there is whole horizon beyond that dedicated to deep learning that is still unexplored. You have things like deep probabilistic models and deep reinforcement learning, which gets me excited even more. For me, the best research conclusion would be to find how our brain works, and then replicate them into artificial ones.

As I said, I have been a “fan follower” of DL for years now. At the moment I have started taking up projects which would help me apply all the knowledge which I have learnt till now and share this knowledge to the community. But there still a long way to go for me to reach “expert level”, and I’m eagerly waiting for that moment!

The things I mentioned above a some of my personal preferences for mastering DL, my current obsession. It would be great to hear how you (the reader) got to know your obsession and what you are doing currently to embrace it.

Todays link of the day is an exciting (pre?) release of a product by facebook AI research, called caffe2go. A friend shared this link just when I was writing this post (shoutout to VT!), which trumped all others (You see what I did there?). Caffe2Go is a “full-fledged deep learning system” which runs even for mobile.

Todays song of the day is Orion by Dirty Ducks. Why am I listening to it? I just close my eyes and imagine my heart beating along with the music! :headphones:


NOTE: I’ll be shifting these blogs to a new location as soon as possible. will let you know the link. Also, I’m taking a week off from this (cuz I’m a bit busy :cry: ). But will continue after that!