Need Expert Advice - To Shift My Profile To Business Analytics



Hello Folks,

I hope you guys are doing great in the field of analytics. I need your help to be a part of Analytics.
I am Adeel Ahmed. My current Location is Bangalore.

I have been working from 3 years as a Software Engineer in the field of Healthcare Industry in a Startup Company. We are basically dealing with Hospital Data, where we need to Analyse the data,Data migration plan development and implementation, progress reporting, error handling and final reporting.
This is more of a Software Side of work. We are using tools like Excel, Mysql, Perl Scripting, Unix and Java Tools.

I have been exploring analytics field by referring blogs on Analytics Vidya and consulting my friends to learn the tools. So, Its been more than 3 months and below are the things I have done so far

  1. Learned the Python from scratch from
  2. Learned Data Science by Python (Numpy, Matplotlib, Pandas etc.)

Still I don’t feel like I’m having depth knowledge to crack any interview and work on any live project. I was checking the Jobs and I can see SAS is also one of the most required tool in analytics industry.
So, I was checking the good training institute to learn SAS who can also help me to prepare for interviews.

Right now I feel like I have wasted 3 months, I should have joined any institute and learn from there.
Can you please help me to clear out my doubts given below:

  1. Do I need to learn SAS? Or Learning Python is enough to get the JOB?
  2. How can I work on projects to make my profile strong for this field?
  3. What are the genuine Training institutes in Bangalore that can help to get knowledge and help to shift my profile?
  4. I need someone as a Mentor who can help me for any doubt.

I shall be very thankful to you all.

Adeel Saify


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