Need help in starting a forecasting project



I am a programmer on Microsoft domain with around 8 years of experience. I work in a media company which has a 200GB of database (around a billion rows). Right now this data is stored in month wise SQL server tables.

The data consists of advertisers spend on television media for past 20 years. I have been asked to develop a simple web based forecasting application which predicts the ad spends for any given advertiser for next year based on the historical data.

We have decided that right now we will use the same exact forecast formula available in excel.

How do I go ahead with this project? I want to learn hadoop. Can I use hadoop for this kind of project.



Hadoop works similar like a database, it would not help you to forecast the ad spends of a advertiser for next year. I would suggest you to first aggregate the data at month, Year, advertiser and other important variables level as it will reduce the size of the data. Use this data set for forecasting.

Now, find the equation based on past data set and then extrapolate or predict future value based on this. You can use any BI tool like Excel, Tableau, Qlikview or analytics tools like SAS, R, Python.

Hope this help!