Need Help on Career Guidance



Hi, I need help on how to build a career as data scientist from other industry.

I have an experience of 5.6 years in SAP BW now I want to become a data scientist.

Please let me know the process?


Hi Hariteja,

I was also worked for same SAP BI/BW for 4 years in Infosys and presently working as DS…but u need to think many ways about learning in DS ,

  1. Why u wanna to change u r career from one platform to another platform
  2. presently market is good for DS but every requirement is expecting many things from candidate
    3.Python,R with AI (Artificial Intelligence) ,Deep Learning , ANN(Artificial Neural Networks) is asking many companies
  3. MNC will expect minimum of 3 years experience with extra skill set
    5.You need to prove u r self in interviews with high mathematics background along with DS skill set.

Yesterday i have checked few requirements like below
R with AI (Artificial Intelligence) ,Deep Learning , ANN(Artificial Neural Networks)
Big Data
Basic Java Knowledge

I am saying all this about to think and plan accordingly …but not to scare u .
Check the stackoverflow communities and also job portals like what they are asking for experienced and any fresher requirements ?

please reach me here for any more information.