Need help on Python



Hi, This might be a very naive question but appreciate if anyone could help me on this.
I wanted to learn python but I’m confused how to start with like should I install anaconda or python on website. Once I install it where should I type my commands and what are these various things python idle shell,ipython notebook,jupiter etc… …also should I install pandas,numpy packages separately like we do in R? Please help me on this…


Python is just another scripting language. If you are familiar with other scripting languages then you can jump right in. Just think of a problem statement and start solving it.
However if you think that you are not comfortable with the basics, then buy a book and follow it from START to FINISH. Just that one book on Python. Any book will do


Thanks! I’m actually struggling with the environment as in where should i type my codes what should i install something like that. ipython opens in browser window…idle shell is another one…


If you are comfortable with Dev IDEs then you can use any

  1. Eclipse with PyDev
  2. Geany on Linux

If you are not then, use notepad/vim and run the code using



Here is an article on the complete learning path:

To start, the following is the best resource as per me:

Hope you find these useful.