Need Help : PG Diploma Upgrad + IIIT B



Hi Kunal and All,
I need assistance in picking up the cources in Analytics.
Which are the most effective and productive PGDM cources in Data Analytics. Please suggest

-. What about the online PG Diploma - Data analytics Course from Upgrad + IIIT B
Duration: 9 months Online
Fees: 2 lacs
Placement assistance : Need your views

My background:
Education: B.E.
Work experience: 2 years 8 months
Domain: Business Intelligence (Data ware house)
Role: Support Engineer

Will it be good for me to apply such courses


You are already working on a domain that is foundation to analytics in a way. I would say being a support engineer you can chart a plan to learn through your organization as well as a well disciplined self charted program.

Coursera offers a good data science program.

if you have the time and money try the SP Jain program. This is 6 months and offers placements as well. Since you have the background and you being hands on, 6 months is sufficient to give you the head start.

THere are numerous online courses available and please be aware that this field is actually open source. Meaning all you need is dedication, time and proper planning with closure of courses every week/every day.