Need help to solve this simple entry-level problem


hi, i am new. i came across this simple problem which i am stuck.

"Kickstarter, the crowdfunding platform, is thinking about providing a consulting service to project founders to help its customers create more successful crowdfunding campaigns. You’ve been asked to do some initial analysis.

In order to complete this assignment, please follow the link and download the following Kickstarter dataset: Use the dataset to complete this task."

  1. Create a histogram that shows the distribution for number of backers. What is the skew of the distribution?*

  2. Is the ‘duration’ variable normally distributed?*

Anybody knows the answer? Thank you for the guidance!

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Hi dotmatt,

Please read the following article on data exploration:

Once you plot the histograms, you can easily check the skew.


Thank you ankit, i will check that out!



Hello to dotmatt. Wondering if you were able to solve this and if so how? Thanks.