Need Help : Where do I go from here ? How do I deep dive




I have been trying to learn machine learning for sometime now. I have learnt / familarized myself with all the major algorithms and have tried my hand at some projects/ kernels at Analytics vidhaya and Kaggle too.

But I am not sure what to do next ? how to take my learning to the next level. What I mean is…
say for example if we take House pricing project…having done

  1. Basic EDA
  2. data preprocessing & feature Engineering

I train and test algorithms with a certain degree of accuracy or perhaps apply certain regaularization techniques to bump up accuracy.

Now where to go from here ?
what do I learn next ?
How do I become better?
Inshort I am trying to improve/ refine/ deep dive into what I have already learnt

Kindly share a roadmap if possible

Thahks & Regards


Hi @mohitlearns,

I am not sure if you have gone through the learning path but i would advise you to take a look at this.

Also, what algorithms have you covered so far?