Need List of journals that give response to authors submitting their articles



I really need help to know the list of journals that can give quickly a preliminary response to the authors who submitted articles. Indeed, I would like to know the journals that have an impact factor between 2.0 and 5.5 and which can send the preliminary acceptance from 30 days to 45 days. Topics include: data mining, pattern recognition, image processing, knowledge discovery, computer science.
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Hi @Gch

Your question isn’t clear.
What do you mean by impact factor ?

Are you interested in writing blogs / articles / content and expect prompt feedback for improvement ? If that’s the case, you are most welcomed to write for us @

Else, please elaborate your questions so that community members can help you out!




I think @Gch is referring to publishing research on journals and is asking a question to other researchers.

I am not sure about Impact factor, but looks like it would be a way to measure the impact based on the past publications, reach and reputation of the journal.

@jk_aero Can you help?



Ok, thank you @kunal