Need training/assistance in one or two case studies modelling using R


HI All, I have completed Data Science training using R and Big Data. I have gone through machine learning (supervised and unsupervised) and completed R programming course in Coursera. However I would like to explore real time case studies.

Iam looking for a trainer/Mentor who could help me on this.




Great… you have done a good job at training part. Now to explore more real time problems/ challenges, I would suggest you to take the following steps:

  • Work on structured approach of problem solving and you can see the results are changing effectively
  • Start participating in Kaggle knowledge competition first and after that you can move to more complicated challenges.
  • Start exploring algorithms in detail, it will help you to tune the model for better results
  • Start following Analytics Blogs or forums, these platforms always give you more insights about the algorithms, approaches and recent changes/ events in the industry.



Adding to what @Sunil has stated, there’s an AV hackathon scheduled during Sep 5th - 6th.