Need your guidance regarding career in Data science

Hi Kunal/Analyticsvidhya Team,

Analytics Vidhya is a great website with lots of crisp information in this ocean of Big data career information. First of all thank you for such a valuable wonderful site and background effort to keep it updated with comparison analysis, surveys and support forum etc.

I need your input to charter the career path in Data Science and Big Data technology.

I have total 10 years of work experience and working as Project Manager in mid-tier organisation with hands on working experience with core Java,Oracle PL/SQL, MS SQL, C#,

8+ years of domain knowledge in Banking loan processing, credit risk and Insurance claim processing, regulatory reporting .

Need your assistance to decide on –

  1. Can it be a right move to get into data science and Big Data?
  2. How can start with learning on data science and Big Data? Please Suggest course. I am planning to invest Rs.40,000 - 60,000.
  3. Will data science and Big Data certification helps me get interview calls?
  4. What will be my career ladder or for which job role I can put my candidature?

Thanks in advance.

Data science is a multidisciplinary filed which utilizes algorithms, statistics, machine learning, and data analysis methods to study patterns and other trends. The insights obtained from that are used for problem-solving and promote research in various scientific and technical fields.


 Statistics skills: Basic concepts such as linear regression, probability, etc. & important tools like Hadoop & SAS.
 Machine Learning: You should be familiar with supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning algorithms, like are K-means clustering, K nearest neighbor, Decision tree, Naive Bayes classification, etc.
 Programming skills: You need various programming language like Python & R to manipulate data& obtain interpretation.
 Data Management: Knowledge of data Management tools like Spark, Snowflake etc.
 Communication skills:Along with good technical skills, you should also be good at communication because as a Data Scientist you will also need to present your findings
Now after knowing the qualities and skills required for Data Science, you can start your journey of becoming a Data Scientist by joining best online data science courses.


  • Data science
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Business Intelligence Professional
  • Statistician
  • Machine Learning Engineer

Tips to Start Career in This Field as Follows:

  1. Select The Right Job Role
  2. Join A Peer Group
  3. Take Up The Course
  4. Read About Data Science
    5.Work on Data Science Projects
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