Need Your suggestions


I have completed graduation with 71%(Economics). I had statistics and math in final year. If I will do certification course in SAS, R, VBA, will I get any job as fresher? Or should I go for PG diploma course? Since I am economically not good can’t go for expensive course. Please help. Thank you:slight_smile:


PG if you can get into tier 1 colleges. Else if you can get into a job with UG as fresher, take that to first take care of your economical situation. Post things settle down you can add PG.

if you are after analytics a PGD course may not help much for industry will still take you as a fresher. Instead you earn and still get trained via an organization.

If you can complete SAS or R and self learn some Tableau or Qlikview you can easilly land a job in companies like Cognizant or TCS.

Remember none of the IT service industry has hit even schools like Praxis or Aegis though they offer full time Business analytics and big data courses. So the market is yet to catch on these courses as premium sourcing point for their analytics needs yet.