Need your Valuable Advice on the career shift to BA


Hi Folks,

I have done MBA in Marketing and Insurance in the year 2010. Prior to that I have done my graduation in Commerce.

Due to some personal reasons I have work ex of only 1 year I had to take
sabbatical. I want to start my career a fresh, business analyst profile
fascinates me. Can you please guide me what course should do to start my
career in the field of Business analyst.

I have spoken to quite a few people and they have confused me like no tomorrow.

Please guide me which courses to study and what books to read i have around 3
months in hand before I start job hunting. Also is it ok if a start with
open source learning and once I get job i could take up paid

Also, guide me how should I approach companies for hiring process as I am as
good as a fresher. I want to spend these three months in gearing up for a
existing and a challenging career ahead in the field of analytic/

Awaiting for your valuable advice.




Welcome to the club!

First of all, you should read the following articles on Analytics Vidhya:

As you have mentioned, you will be treated as a fresher in industry. As a fresher, you will also see that there is a lot of weight given to where you did your MBA from. If you ave passed out from a Tier I college, you can have some relief. If not, the road is going to be tough.

Here is what I would suggest:

  1. Depending on your budget, try and choose the best certification course. This could be institutes like Jigsaw, Edureka, Imarticus for short term courses or ISB, Great Lakes, IIMs or Praxis for long term courses. Since you have asked, I would recommend to go for a paid certification at the start for 2 reasons: first, you need the most amount of hand holding at the start. During this period, self learning can end up confusing a lot of people. Secondly, a paid certification from a good institute will count more than self paced learning.

  2. Once shortlisted and joined, make sure you put in efforts outside of the course as well. To be honest, 3 months is an ambitious target to start job search, even 6 month is. So be prepared for rejections in the start. For the same reason, don’t rely on just the course work. Keep focus on solving problems and work on as many case studies as possible.

  3. You will hear a lot of mixed advice related to tool. Some one will recommend SAS over R, some one would recommend Python etc. Choose either SAS or R and stick to it. There are far more benefits to be an expert in either of them then a generalist at both of them. You will not go wrong with any of these.

  4. Use books sparingly and as per your need. Most of the books, especially the ones of open source tools can get outdated very quickly. Use them as reference as opposed to primary source of knowledge. Check out this infographic for a good list:

  5. Once you have covered your basics and have a couple of projects under your portfolio, start looking for jobs. Before starting to look out, make sure you have prepared your CV well. Again this article can help: Also, read all the interview related articles on Analytics Vidhya. You should also check out the interview guide: Download Guide To Crack Difficult Analytics Interviews

Hopefully this gives you a lot to chew and munch over next 3 months. In short, stay focused, inquisitive and learn as much as you can!



Hey Kunal,

Thanks for replying to my query.