NLTK Download Error



I am using a Python 2.7x (Spyder) and Win 8.1 system. I am able to download all content from nltk but one file panlex_lite (1.7gb) is not getting downloaded to the system. I have tried multiple times. I use a 30mbps connection, so speed is not an issue. Is there a solution ?


Hi @sudheer.rao, have you tried the command line installation?


Yea, I have tried that too. no luck. Just curious is having that file (panlex_lite) critical for NLP ?


Depends on your use of nltk. If the work you are doing requires only wordnet data, then other packages don’t matter. That is why there is an option for downloading a specific package of dataset instead of ‘all’.



My suggestion will be to download the data which you require. There is no point in downloading so much data from NLTK



Hi, just wanted to let you know you are not alone - same thing happened to me. Sorry I don’t have a solution. I suspect it was a server error or possibly corrupt file and it will get fixed. I’m just going to try again if I ever have explicit need of that data.



I was able to get a solution. I downloaded that specific (zip) file and placed in the NLTK download folder. It is working fine now. The link to download is here: