Number of analytics professionals across the globe?



I and my friend were having a discussion on a product, which is when we come across this question.

What would be the number of analytics professionals across the globe? In India? What is the number expected to be in 5 years?

We need these numbers to see if the product we are thinking of even makes sense? How much would be the market?

Any help would be of great help.

@ajay_ohri, @kunal - please see, if you can help!



This is actually a difficult one and some thing which even we are trying to size!

The difficulty lies in the fact that there are different definitions of so called analytics / data science professionals. The famous McKinsey report which predicts a shortfall of 1,50,000 data science professionals is likely including people in the entire spectrum - including data management and data cleaning roles. The same report also predicts a shortfall of 1.5 Million managers with data science capabilities.

Will update the answer, if I come across a number.