Ocean Protocol, Data Marketplace?

Dear Scientist,
I’m an enthuastic future seeker today I’m trying to gather some outside opinion on a project I’m fond of.

It’s a data marketplace, which will need curators, data cleaners, validators and of course sellers. The underlying idea is to allow AI modell to train on data without the data ever leaving the owner’s property. So imagine training and validating a modell to indetify cancer cells from thousands of patients files without ever accessing the data. Or car manufacturares earning revenue by sharing their data with competitors and in the process never leaking any sensitive information.

The team has extensive experience in handling Data their company is BigchainDB which launched Ocean Protocol to be a community based project. The founder Trent Mcconaghy has several patents and successfully built 2 other businesses before this.

I would like to know what you guys think about this as I think trading data is going to be needed in the future. Are there any other initiative out there? Would you partake in a system like Ocean Protocol?

They have dozens of developers and very active both on TG and Gitter. I’m not technically capable to answer questions but the team and the devs are.

They are also running a challenge for developers to brainstorm and develop ideas and build marketplaces. The best ones will get rewarded dearly.

The tech whitepaper would be a great place to start and also an article about the nature of the project.: https://blog.oceanprotocol.com/ocean-is-decentralized-orchestration-766b7538d08

As far as token utility goes, I’ve always liked this article which explains the various ways in which it can be used (under the section Benefits): https://blog.oceanprotocol.com/how-ocean-can-benefit-data-scientists-7e502e5f1a5f

There’s currently a data economy challenge going on, and you can see what some of the 176 participants came up with. In a few days all of them will be uploaded.

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