Online Hackathon 3.0 - Find the next Brain Wong!

Projects during school days have a long lasting impact!

I remember my school projects for a lot of reasons. But, one thing makes them stand out for me. And that was the sheer exhilaration of building something. Be it a Solar System demonstration in Grade 5, first waving flag built in Basic (yes, the Turtle language) to a renewable energy POC in high school - these projects gave me the feeling of creating something new!

I am sure you would remember the projects you did for similar (or may be not so similar) reasons. But one thing is for sure, the earlier you provide the resources to children in school, the more independent they become. Today, we will predict which school projects are likely to be funded and by what amount through donations.

As usual, you should use the discussion portals for any technical discussions, slack for saying high fives and solution checker to check the solution.

Remember, you need to send across the final solutions to us on

Please note that the solution checker evaluates your solution on only 30% test data, while the final evaluation would be on 100%

All the best


I still think the final evaluation should only be on 70% of the data (which is not part of the solution checker).

what’s the error metric ?

The error metric would be RMSE


I m taking part in the competition as well and stand 6th currently on the leaderboard, looking for better performing model.

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@Sravan_Babu_Bodapati or anyone Where is the link for leaderboard?

Just got the leaderboard link after trial submission.

How do you login to Slack? Do we need an invite?

You should have an invite in your mailbox

I can’t upload my submission after the user id requirement has come in. Do I need a new user id and email ?

Also, do I need a team invitation for slack ?

This morning I could make submissions. But now

when i enter my user name in lower case - nalin- and my email id, i get the message:

“User id and email not found in database. Please register for the competition.”


Should be working now. Can you check?


yes. the submission thing is working. Thanks.

What about slack. Am I supposed to get an email invite or something ?

You should have got one before…have resent it anyways

Kunal i am also facing the same problem. User id and email not found

Unable to submit solutions with my email id and login?

“User id and email not found in database. Please register for the competition.”

@Manoj_nani your user id is working, just made a submission with it

@Sravan_Babu_Bodapati - I can’t see your registration on the thread. Hence the disconnect.

I’ll add you shortly.


Dear all,

Here is some more additional information which has come our way. Var8 can be mapped to the institute area type using the following mapping:

Hopefully this should add some more hypothesis and power to your model.


What is the deadline for the submission?

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