Open Source Dashboard Tool for Visualizations

Hi I am on a Data Analytics Project that currently uses Apache Superset for dashboard visualisations connected to a PostgreSQL data source. We are in the process of identifying an alternate options due to various limitations of Superset . So basically I am on the look out for a tool which has the following capabilities and must be open source as well -

  1. Different chart types including the non time series line charts and line charts with trend lines . Superset currently does not support non time series line charts
  2. Supports Multi-tenancy (optional but nice to have)
  3. Supports drill down features - not only the ability to show the underlying view or table details from which the chart is produced but also to show the roots of the raw data as well for any calculations. Currently in Superset this we have achieved this using customised java script functionalities
  4. Easy chart placements and editing and resizing of charts on the dashboard
  5. Options for user inputs especially for opportunity charts and profit charts for predictive analysis
  6. A tool which connects directly to a PostgreSQL data source

Please let me know if there are any open source tools that satisfy the above mentioned requirements.

You have forgotten Gantt chart

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