Opinions required on IIM C - Executive Program in Business Analytics



I went through the certian posts on programs on Business Analytics and its interesting to learn the ROI aspects. I wanted to about Executive Program in Business Analytics conducted by IIM C. I am Btech and MBA grad and I was into product development after Btech and now moved into completely different line after my MBA. My current role includes approximately 10-20% of analytics through excel. I want to make a move into analytics and I came across the course offered by IIM C (EPBA). I want to know on the following points:
1.) Will this course help me in transitioning into analytics?
2.) What is the market value of this course?
3.) Is the course only theoretical or does it have practical aspects as well.




Thanks for checking out other discussions before posting.

Here are the answers to your questions according to me:

  1. The course will help, but may not fully enable the transition on its own. You should work on problems and learning outside of the course to make sure you make a transition during the course itself. Whether you are able to transition or not will highly depend on your efforts outside the course.

  2. IIM brand carries the weight and that is what will give you some benefit. People looking for data scientists would not give a lot of weightage to this course.

  3. This course in more theoratical in approach than few others offered in India. Depending on your location and resources, you can look out for ISB, Great Lakes, MISB, Praxis, IIM Bangalore. All of these would have a project at the end of the course, which is where you will get the practical exposure.

Hope these helps.