Overcoming energy equipements



I am trying to detect equipments which causes overcoming energy.
I have a list of equipments : freezer, tv, washing machine and a dryer.
For each machine I have recorded the activation time for every timestamp of one hour. For example :

     8h-9h    9h-10h    10h-11h    11h-12h
freezer 100%      100%       100%       100%
tv      30%        0%         0%         0%
washing machine 0%    0%      100%      30%
dryer 0%              0%     100%      90% 

And also, I recorder the mean of activation time of each equipement during the day :

freezer                100%
tv                     8%
washing machine        33%
dryer                  50%

For each timestamp i denoted if is there an overcomoing energy.

 8h-9h    9h-10h    10h-11h    11h-12h
  n         n         n          y(20%)

I am looking for an itelligent way ti determine which equipements causes the overcoming energy.

thank you

Diagnosis analytics for energy equipments

Would you care to elaborate the meaning of “overcoming energy”?

Regardless, I’d begin plotting a correlation matrix:

The above plot allows you to easily detect linear relationships between variables. For nonlinear relationships, training a decision tree and plotting its graph is a good place to start.