Path to be a data analyst?



am Ankit singh Chauhan. I did Electrical and MBA marketing. At present i am working with Electric Switchgear Company as a sales executive. i want to go in Analytics field. Can you help me by answering few question.

1.From where i can get the basic knowledge regarding the same and what are the job opportunity for me in this field?
2. What are skills require to do excel in this field ?
3. How much time it will take to be ready to go in to data analysis field?
4. Can you suggest some sources from where i can get the details regarding same or learn the data analytic s online?
5. How much knowledge of statistics should one have to start ?
6. In which way i can start ( i.e what should be the first step & others. As i tried to learn data analytics from Edx & simultaneously learning the Statistic from the book Ken Black
7 Which book i should refer to learn statistics from basics & to know its application?

It will be a great favor of yours if you can help me in that.


Hi Ankit,

I hope that you will find this article by AV very useful.

It explains in detail the steps to become a Data Scientist. Thank you.



Hi Ankit,

As pointed by SRK, the ultimate plan is a great resource. However, just doing the program does not get you the job you would like to have. Given your degree in Marketing and experience in Sales, you should look for marketing analytics jobs. AD technology uses a lot of analytics. I would recommend you do the steps in the ultimate plan, do a project or if possible an internship in marketing analytics. Also, doing real world competitions in here or Kaggle would be helpful. Practicing problems in platforms such as is also a great to build your endurance.

Hope that helps.