PGDBA from IIM C + IIT K + ISI vs Continue working in analytics domain




I am seeking help to decide, whether I should go for PGDBA from IIM C next year or continue working?

Where am I coming from?

  1. I have been working in Mu Sigma from more than 3 years (this is my 1st job) and have a sound knowledge of analytics
  2. In future I want to pursue my career as a data scientist/analyst

Why am I thinking of PGDBA?
After going through the course curriculum, I realized that I could gain:

  1. Vast exposure to various kind of businesses doing analytics
  2. The math behind the analytical models which I lack as the requirement is not enough in day to day model building exercise
  3. A PG degree from one of the most reputed institute in India and also great network
    and moreā€¦

Questions I have

  1. Is it worth of doing a 2 year course after having 4 years (By next June 2019) of experience in this domain?
  2. Or should I fill in the knowledge gaps by taking online courses?
  3. In terms of ROI, the course fees is ~16L and CTC after placements might fall b/w ~17L to ~ 21L.
  4. Is it possible that not having a PG degree could be roadblock in my career ahead? (Given that one is up-to-date with analytical knowledge)

It would be great if you can help me on this front and clear my doubts.

@kunal - Sir I have read the discussions where you have given your thoughts on this course, however I still have few questions (mentioned above). Answers from you would be of immense help.

Thank You,
Saurabh Gupta