PGDBA from IIT + IIM C + ISI vs. Praxis Business School PGPBA


IIM C along with ISI Kolkata and IIT Kgp are starting PGDBA from this
Though the course curriculum looks great,the high fees are a concern for me.The curriculum is also a little different from Praxis’s PGDBA and may be a tad better.
I think Praxis has a more industry oriented program which will be more beneficial link.I have already taken admission in Praxis but since this program has the brand associated with it,I am giving it a little thought.
If anybody could please share their thoughts regarding the same I would be very thankful.
As for my background,I have an exp of 4 yrs as Sql Server developer in TCS.

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awesome initiative shuvayan for posting this. Thanks for the info.


The course with combined exposure from three leading institutes in India definitely sounds exciting. To be honest, I think the comparison you are asking for is not comparing apples to apples. Here are some notable differences, why I say so:

  • The course from Praxis would typically cost 3 - 5 lakhs, this course costs whopping 16+ Lakhs
  • Praxis is a 9m classroom + 3 month internship setup, where as this is 18m classroom + 6 month setup
  • Approximately 35% of the course in Praxis is covered by professionals in industry. The IIMC course doesn’t seem to mention any tie-ups except for the internship

The course is running for the first time and would have a maximum of 60 seats available. Given the information, I would expect more freshers to apply for the IIMC course, but they would benefit from the association with these brands.

My views on the question:
If I had already taken an admission in Praxis, I would not be thinking about the course, given the costs and the duration involved. I feel that if you put in good efforts during your time at Praxis, you should be in good place.

On the other hand, if I was starting on a clean slate and would have had resources and time on my hand - this might be a good option - but keep in mind that 60 seats might be a very small number.

Hope this helps


Thanks a lot Kunal.
It is such a pleasure posting my doubts here as I can get such detailed breakdown of the problem statement :smile: along with great analysis & perfect situation wise solution. :smiley:

This forum is indeed of great help for people like me who have just begun our journey in Analytics and need expert guidance.
Thanks again!!


I would agree with what Kunal has said already.

The approach from the IIT+IIM+ISI course looks like creating a new masters program for interested people. It costs 16 Lakhs with likely rigorous curriculum. Given the admission criteria and the process - I think the course will mostly be joined by people who have completed their graduation and want to get into anlaytics after passing the course.

Even though it is a good course, I wouldn’t think of joining a 2 year full time program after 4 years of work experience.


P.S. I comepletely second @shuvayan and thank @kunal and team for creating this wonderful platform. I hope I could contribute back more some day!

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Is this course good for fresher ?I mean is it worth applying to this course since this course is charging 16lakhs.what about ROI?

Hi @youngtarun23,

You can also check out the one from Praxis business school.It is 1 year course and very comprehensive

hi @kunal

I am in final year of my B tech from MNNIT allahabad. I am placed in an analytics company at post of business analyst with a ctc of 6.3 lpa, should i apply for this course for better carrier keeping ROI in mind???


Good question! The decision depends a lot on what you want to do in future. If you want to become a consultant or take up a management role in future, you would be better off doing a MBA later on.

If you want to become a data scientist / hands on analyst. There are 2 aspects to think upon:

If you were to make a simple financial decision - let us consider 2 simple scenarios:

Year 0	6.30			Year 0	-8
Year 1	7.25			Year 1	-8
Year 2	8.33			Year 2	10
Year 3	11.25			Year 3	12
Year 4	12.94			Year 4	13
Year 5	14.88			Year 5	15

I have assumed a 15% increase month on month with a one time correction of 20% in 3rd year. My assumption is that even though you will get a good initial placement - over time it will regress to the salary of a person with equal work experience (hard reality! that is the way things are seen in India)

So, purely from Financial point, it does not make sense.

Non financial:
There is a lot of CV value and network value which you can develop while you are in these campuses - which can benefit you immensely in future. It is hard to put a value on this.


If you want to take up management roles in future, go for an MBA. On the other hand, if you want to become a data scientist - it might not make sense from pure financial sense. But it is hard to put value of these elite institutes and future benefit coming from it. If you can study for another 18 months - you can consider the option.

Hope this helps


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It helped but m lil bit confused now. . .
M already placed in a field of business analyst so according to you there is no point in joining this programme and are you assuming that average placement of this course will be around 8 lpa.
I thought it would be same as pgp couses of iims and does consulting firms like boston and mckinsey dont hire for analyst post from iims???
If not what are the big companies in this field???
I in dilemma now. . .plese reply ASAP


I have assumed placement to be @ 10 at start of year 2. -8 for 2 years is the fee you pay. Normally the placement can be anywhere between 8 - 12 LPA for complete freshers.


Hi @kunal
Please run a rule over my profile.
I am 2.5 years experienced at IBM Software labs. I wrote CAT last year, but got a measly percentile of 95.
I plan to pursue MBA and had applied for Teach For India fellowship as well - for which I got accepted.
I have already put down my papers and looking forward to the fellowship.
Having said that, I do have an interest in machine learning and consulting - It’s a grey area with these two shades.
Today, after I stumbled on this program, it seemed the perfect blend for me, prima facie.
I am not sure if my CAT percentile would be enough but do you think I should go for it or should I continue with the fellowship journey and then apply abroad? Financially - It doesn’t make much of a difference going for this course or an MBA abroad - Loans ahoy!


but avg. placement of iimc is approx 16 to 17 lpa. . . .
for freshers is it that low???
last year lowest package offered in iima was 9.2 lpa


Hi Kunal,

Thank you for doing this great service of educating the masses about this exciting field of Analytics and Big Data. I am a regular reader of your posts and the discussions, & all of them are excellently written and are very helpful. Thanks again.

I wanted to get your opinion on one of the query I have and need to know your thoughts please -

I have admit for MS in Analytics from 3 US universities - University of Cincinnati, University of Connecticut and Stevens Institute of Technology (Business Intelligence and Analytics program). However recently when I found this program offering of PGP in Business Analytics from top 3 Indian institutes - IIM C, IIT Kharagapur and ISI Kolkatta, I became a little confused and thought of applying there as well due to their excellent course structure - all three specialised institutes teaching their 3 respective domains - Technology, Management and Statistics/ML.

I have 5 years of work experience in ITSM and project management, and have a GRE score of 328, TOEFL -114, academics 7/10 and currently pursuing certificate program in engineering excellence from International School of Engineering, affiliated to Carnegie Mellon University.

I need to know - what are your thoughts on making a choice between doing MS from US or PGP in Business Analytics from IIM Calcutta? What will be the ROI for each depending on the choice I make and the profile I have, considering I have no prior analytics experience?

Kindly advise.

Many thanks

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I have 5 years of work experience in PLSQL and I am very much interested in Analytics since first job. Tried for Mu Sigma as a fresher twice but couldn’t make it then. I have self learned Big data Hadoop basics and a few attending some free MOOCs for getting some insight into Data Science courses.

I was looking for some certification courses in Business Analytics from ISB, IIMs, Grate Lakes etc. and was confused if these certifications would help getting respective profiles as I don’t have experience on these at work. Need help on this.

In the meanwhile, I came to know about this course from IIT-Kh + IIM-C + ISI but after 5 years of experience this course seems long and costly considering that I will get opportunities in India only after this compared to the courses in US. Considering these factors, can please help me on all aspects financially, knowledge, opportunities, ROI, etc?

I am confused on to proceed with which course? or shall I go for MOOCs only?

@Sanjog, I would appreciate it if you could share your experiences of applying to MuSigma? What was the process, and if you attended an interview, what was it like?

PGDBA from IIT + IIMC + ISI is very newly launched course for two years in which 18months would be training and rest would be internship. The only major issue is its fees very costly and for a 18months course and they are not having tieups for expert delivery in campus.
Praxis business school is very first college probably in Asia to start proper pgp business analytics course in which 9months would be rigours training and rest three months internship. They have icici and pwc as their knowledge partners and expert delivery also happens majorly from ibm, deloitte, tcs etc. As per stats 8lpa is the average pay and highest pay was 17lpa. Fees is 5lacs overall. Roi is pretty much decent for praxis business school. Internship stipend ranges from 15-30k per month.
My point is to consider praxis and go for it.

I think having work experience will be more useful in your scenario as while learning Business Analytics and Data Science would help any professional, there are a few fields where the advantages would be more apparent. Especially if you are someone who has 2 to 5 years of work-ex. I think you should go for PGDBA course of IIT-Kh + IIM-C + ISI as it will help you to increase your exposure. Further, you can also try appearing for some mock test before appearing for actual exam. It will help you a lot. I personally prefer PGDBA mock test of handakafunda series of handakafunda . I have found it very useful as all the mock tests are according to latest pattern which come with answer and detailed explanation and the level of difficulty is hopefully realistic as the actual paper.

I am an incoming student of Praxis 2019-20 July batch. Personally through all my research in the past year I find Praxis to be very much industry oriented. Also, it’s the oldest full time analytics program in India. PGDBA on the other hand is pretty much overrated for the tag. But at the same time only 60seats and a good screening examination. Both the Institutes have very good students and faculty. Praxis has a different kind of approach towards admission. More like the programs abroad. Profile based selection helps a certain kind of students who don’t want cannot compete in a hardcore fashion.
ROI is better in Praxis. It takes what an ideal analytics program should take. It delivers what such a program should deliver. Moreover you have a year advantage. If someone wants to do something else after PGPDS in Praxis he/she easily can. Maybe an MBA or something. All upto them. PGDBA on the other hand is 2years. So a year more.
Program at Praxis should be more rigorous as content is heavy and time is less. At PGDBA people get a lot of time to absorb smoothly.

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