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I am 2.5 years experienced at IBM Software labs. I wrote CAT last year, but got a measly percentile of 95.
I plan to pursue MBA and had applied for Teach For India fellowship as well - for which I got accepted.
I have already put down my papers and looking forward to the fellowship.
Having said that, I do have an interest in machine learning and consulting - It’s a grey area with these two shades.
Today, after I stumbled on this program, it seemed the perfect blend for me, prima facie.
am not sure if my CAT percentile would be enough but do you think I
should go for it or should I continue with the fellowship journey and
then apply abroad? Financially - It doesn’t make much of a difference
going for this course or an MBA abroad - Loans ahoy!

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I think that you need to first be clear what you want to be. Teach for India is a journey in different direction vs. an MBA vs. being a data scientist. This course is creating data scientists and people with hands on role.

So, if you want to be a machine learning expert or a data scientist, this is a good course. If you want to be a consultant or in management roles, just do a MBA.

Hope this helps.



Well @kunal , if you look at the FAQs of the course, it clearly states that the focus is towards the challenges in business with an inclination towards analytics and mathematical models. It’s to be noted that the 3rd semester is completely about management - Strategy management, Business economics, HRM, Financial risk management, optimization etc. These certainly do not form part of an usual data science course. So, do you reckon that it is essentially a data science course but with an inclination towards management?


Hi @destinyusher,

My 2 cents.

Optimization, Financial risk Management are typically part of analytics courses conducted by the B-Schools and data scientists are required to know this. And also i see that strategic decision making / management is being aided by the data sciences. So in my opinion if you choose to work in operations, finance or HR domains, we cannot provide a confident data science solution without the applied knowledge in these areas.

Having said that, I also believe that from the data sciences perspective, business schools may need only elementary treatment of these subjects. We dont need to have an MBA to solve a data science problem.

Karthikeyan P


It is definitely better than the standard data science courses out there. But, I think 6 months would be just enough to understand business context - it can not be put on same footing as a 2 year MBA from IIMs.



Thanks much @kunal and @karthe1 for your inputs. Finally, do you think it’ll offer a decent ROI?



You might want to refer this discussion for the ROI part.

Adding a personal opinion - No one is offering such a blended course at this point of time. Given that the entire spectrum of data sciences by itself is relatively new to the market, I will go by the brand value that these top institutes going to offer to my career.


Thanks @karthe1 . The personal touch is what I wanted. Cheers :smile:


@kunal :- i am looking for study materials for entrance exam preparation. suggest some books and links.

thanks in advance. i believe that my all query related with data science field have solutions here. that’s why i post this as well here.


There’s a lot of material on AV. You might specialy find this helpful