PGP BA-BI or BDA from Great lakes


Hi Kunal,

I have 8 years of experience in etl and datawarehousing with SQL and Informatica being my forte. Iam looking to make a career switch to analytics focusing on analytics on the business side.

1)Could you please suggest me whether I should go for a PGP Business analytics or PGP Big data analytics from Great lakes.
2) Which of the above is more in demand in terms of job opportunities.
3) I would prefer less programming as I am interested more on the business and less on technical side.


Dear sir,

I am student of PGP-BA/BI in Great Lakes. In the program, we have been thought on Base & Advance Statistics, which seems to help us in understanding many algorithms used in the industry. Tableau has been thought as part of Data Visualisation. Along with that domain related subjects have been added into the program, it helps in understanding the problem statements. Also, we learn Hadoop as part of Big data Analytics.

Big data is the way to go, yet to understand the core of analytics & its application over several other small data is essential.

Career Opportunities seems to be similar for both the programs, but eventually the big data will be the way forward.

Programming seems to be part of both, but there are other tools where you can just point & Click to create the desired model in programs.


Also on PGP Big Data Analysis learn here from our alumni Student,