PGP Business Analytics and Big data offered by IBM and AEGIS school of business and telecom



Dear all,

My Background:

  • Graduated this year BE (IT) - score 67 %
  • Strongly wish to learn to business analytics

I regularly go through Analytics Vidhya blog and find it really helpful. I want to be a business analyst but am not sure where to learn the required skills from.

“Aegis school of business and telecom” at Powai offers a 11 months "PG program in business analytics & big data but I did not find any helpful info on it other than its website, this course is jointly offered with IBM the only thing that makes me trust on them.

Here are some questions I have about the course:

  • They say they abide by north american system (CREDITS SYSTEM) does that mean that I will doing a MASTERS PROGRAM ?
  • Is the course worth doing?
  • Chances of getting a job after the course?
  • Price of the course is ~INR 400,000. Is it worth that much money as I will be going for edu loan?
  • Please suggest any better program than this.

Eagerly looking for reply from experts here.

Abhijit Bobhate

Aegis URL:



Here is my take. (P.S. These are my personal views based on my interaction with people in industry)

  1. I am not sure, if this even makes a difference. How does abiding by Credit system help? I would rather be focusing on faculty profile, the profile of students / peer group who joins the program and past placement stats.
  2. I have looked at the faculty and the founding team, that looks good. But I haven’t heard equally good reviews about the course yet. So, I am not sure whether it is worth doing or not.
  3. Most of the courses offered by the likes of ISB, IIMs and Great Lakes don’t own the placements. But, typically 20 - 40% of the students are able to make a transition through these courses. On the other hand, the likes of Praxis offer full time course and own the placements as well. Given, that Aegis brand is relatively unknown, I wouldn’t peg a high chance for placements after the course.
  4. At that cost, you should be able to look at other courses. You can look at MISB, which offers course at similar price in Powai.

Hope this helps



@Abhijit @kunal
hello abhijith
can i know where you have joined for business analytics programme.Is it worthy to join in Aegis business school. Will you please help me and pass the information


Hello Abhijit/Raviteja,

Before joining any program one should do some relevant fact finding and analysis.

So what constitutes relevant facts?
I feel the following are the most relevant:

  1. Past Placement record of the institute
  2. Course Curriculum
  3. Faculty Profile
  4. Supporting facilities assignment/practical projects
  5. Industrial projects and affiliations
  6. Fees

All prospective participants of a program should come to a decision only after a comparative analysis of these attributes mentioned above. Cross verification of the information gathered is essential to avoid personal and institutional bias.

One should understand that the best advice always come from the alumni, faculty and current participants.

Full Time: Click here
Executive Weekend Mode: Click here

These links will give more information about the program. You will see all the details about this program like course curriculum, alumni details, faculty profile, placement, industry projects etc.

Bottom line - make an informed choice!

All of the very best!


But sir aegis is offering the course without any experience, for the freshers. And praxis wants work experience.


See few posts on this forum. Even i have wrote one about Praxis. Praxis takes freshers also. They have some entrance test that you need to crack.

But please review the faculty in detail before committing to any course. There is no major brand advantage between praxis and aegis. Aegis is with a telcom background.

Praxis - Check with center students feedback before choosing the center. Banglore faculty position is very weak and last batch feedback was unanimous that 3 rd semester was potential wash out where student had to learn on their own.

If you have a chance to do in bigger brands like IIM or Symbiosis you should give them a try. Sometimes if you choose full time courses please choose brand of school as it is critical for not only visibility but also for meeting right folks in your course.

Great Lakes gets lots of senior folks and can provide industry view but hardly i have seen these senior folks create job oppurtunity for the course members.


Sir, how is Manipal Banglore 1-year full-time Post-Graduate Diploma in Data Science in terms of placement? They don’t need work experience.


hello sir,
i am bit confused between aegis school and the manipal prolearn to pursue pg course in data science and big data. can any one help me in choosing between these two


I am having 10+ Years of exp and 5+ in Analytics, I am Engineering graduate and wants to pursue PhD in related field, can some one suggest a part time MS or MSc program which can help me with eligibility criteria(PG: Post Grauate) for applying in PhD. @kunal


More than Kunal helping here you should reach out to Colleges offering PHD in this field. There are times where profiles are chosen who have not done MS but are allowed to complete MS and convert that into a PHD.

Reach out to colleges and share your detailed profile to find whether you qualify for their course.


How is Praxis business school in collaboration with 361DM Offering in online mode PGP Business analytics.plz help me out. If so plz suggest other relevant course for me as I am working since 1.6yrs as a analyst in software industry.