PGPBA at SCMHRD Vs PGPBA at Praxis Business School


Which one will be better, PGPBA at SCMHRD or PGPBA at Praxis Business School in terms of ROI?

New IIM vs Praxis Business School

Let me take a stab. The 6 month course is a great booster in SCMHRD if you are already on this line of work. Else the amount of stuff they are trying to feed in 6 months is realistically too high which means you are probably brushing everything and wont get any buy in after the 6 months to convince yourself you are ready.

TO me PRaxis makes more sense simply because the course is laid out and you are pretty much working 5 days a week on different hands on learning.

This also means you can actually have time to invest on looking at how this analytics field is moving forward and even look at creating projects on ur side including tools and apps.

Great lakes they say is good, but great lakes is good for already executives who want to learn application part of this.

ROI is purely based on how you can sell yourself. THe courses dont matter. For the tiem you spend in any course, you need a game plan to build your you as a product that can be sold to market.



thanks @shivaacc :slight_smile:


Since its just the 1st batch at SCMHRD, is there any Placement Data Available for PGPBA - SCMHRD.
What was the Minimum and Maximum Salary Offered to the students.
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Would agree with @shivaacc for most of what he has said.

However, in order to come a recommendation / conclusion, it would be better if you could add a brief description about your profile.

@mehul SCMHRD first batch is actually undergoing placements. You might have a better stab at the placements a few days down the line.



THis is good news in fact if the PGPBA is actually offering placement.

This is from the site

This will be the first batch passing out and the placement week is still under way (as of 4th March, 2016).
Some of the industry sectors who have come so far:
Analytics consulting companies, Banking and Finance, e-Commerce and Retail, Pharmaceutical, Start-ups…
The median salary offered so far has been approximately Rs 9 Lakhs per annum


Hello @kunal ,
I have two questions.
I have been working for 3.5 years as a System Engineer in IBM. I have learned bigdata development, python, and basics of R and SAS but do not have project experience in Analytics. Which course between Praxis and SCMHRD would be best for me?
Is it possible to get into Analytics field in good companies if i don’t do any PG course but have knowledge in some BI tools?


Between the two i would say SCMHRD. But since you are in IBM you already have the IBM suite of tools that you can learn. Remember Aegis does a full time PG course based on this platform and many US colleges use this platform.

You should be able to land a job in BI tools. But you need to ask yourself if you want to end up working on tools on get into analytics side of the tools.

I know my friends who did masters in Statistics and working in R programming or SAS reporting. This to me makes no sense simply because you are changing your profile from potential data scientist and restrict yourself into a programmer and max designer.

If you want to pick a line, i would say stick to Big data. Two years into projects and you can decide if you want to pursue analytics side of the world.



Hi @kunal and @shivaacc

sorry for late reply…

I got selected at both SCMHRD and Praxis. I need your guidance to choose between the two.

My Profile:
Good Academics
Mechanical Engineer by education (did college project on Operations Research and Optimization)
Working as a Java Developer at Capgemini in Media and Entertainment domain (Work Ex - 2.11 years)
self learnt R, Python and Hadoop

Please reply.


I would advice SCMHRD. Praxis i would advice for absolute new comer. And SCMHRD has campus as well. You should be able to invest time to learn more than what SCMHRD offers in those 6 months.

Praxis i would chose if you want more detailed experience in learning at the same time using the time to develop some model, products or even applications on your own to create POC’s.

With your experience and hands on in some of the courses you will be able to manage to learn more from the SCMHRD course.


Hi, Scmhrd course is 9 months now. They are offering placements and have come to know the whole batch got placed.

Can anyone tell me what was the highest package at scmhrd for pgpba??

what was the minimum?


What is the fee structure for SCMHRD and PRAXIS business school??


How is Praxis business school in PGP Business analytics.plz help me out. If so plz suggest other relevant course for me as I am working since 1.6yrs as a analyst in software industry.