PGPBA from Great Lakes or PGPBA from Praxis Business School or MOOCs



Hi @kunal,

I am looking for a Post Graduation Course in Business Analytics or Data Science. I am confused on which course to go for PGPBA(which is part time) Great Lakes and PGPBA(Full time) Praxis considering I have total of almost 6 years of experience as PLSQL developer including some experience on Actimize for Risk and Compliance.

Could Great Lakes’ part time certification can server the purpose or shall I go for 1 year full time course by Praxis? Can combination of courses from MOOCs can mark upto PGPBA by Great Lakes?

Please guide me on this as the next asap as the next session of Great Lakes is starting soon.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


@Sanjog, what did you go with finally? I have the same dilemma and need pointers too.