Please guide me if PGPBA-BI course from Greatlakes will be good for me or not


Sir if I look back at my academics and work experience there are lot of things working against me.

They are as follows :

  1. I have scored 71.6 percent marks in my 10th ICSE exam and 65.8 in CBSE board exam… But there is a gap of two years i.e. i passed 10th in 2001 and 12th in 2005

  2. I passed my graduation in Statistics , Mathematics and Computer Science… but again I had taken 1 year extra as 1 paper in mathematics was left to clear… so i passed in 2009 with 60.7 percent. During the course I was consistently good at Statistics but also consistently poor at Mathematics…

  3. After that I did a mistake in not joining M.Sc Statistics due to lack of awareness and joined pg diploma in software development

  4. After this I joined HP (BPO) as a Process associate worked there for 2 years 9 months also got promoted to senior process associate within 2 years, then I resigned to prepare for IBPS PO CWE exam for which I qualified for the written part twice part failed to get selected in the final merit list. I again ended up wasting 2 years…

  5. then in 2016 I joined Onwards e-Services as a Trainer. I left this job after 5 months.

Now with so many gaps and failures I want to again restart my career… I analysed myself from scratch and found that I am still good at programming and Statisitics… I know to write code with ease in Java, C, C++, VB and write queries in SQL. I am also good at analysing data with Excel…

Recently I got a call from Greatlakes for PGP BA-BI program which focussed on analytics…

Kindly advice me if it will be a good decision to join the program. Is there any hope for me in getting a job in the field of analytics…


@abhishek85roy Hope for the best. Work hard and it’s never too late to start a new beginning/career. Make a great analytics profile and you might have great opportunities in Analytics domain.
All the best!!


Not all are blessed with same resources same skill and talent, many take time to reach their destiny.
Even I want to shift my career to analytics. Lets prepare and do well. you can contact me on we can prepare together


Hi Abishek,

I get what you are going through so don’t lose your heart just because of some failures.
The best suggestion I’d give you is to start looking for a job in the same field as you were in before. Quit only when you have found another job or are confident in finding one.

If you are single then having a career and studying on the side shouldn’t be difficult at all. I did that when I was doing my Masters. But you’ll have to cut a lot of unnecessary things out of your life if you want to succeed in any field.

Finding a freshers job in Java+SQL is not that difficult at all. All you’ll have to do start marketing yourself and once you find a job even if you have to compromise on the salary (which is a pittance in India), just take it, and go working up the ladder. Start from the bottom and slowly improve your skills and get noticed by others for your hard work.

Coming to GreatLakes PGP BA-BI. I’ve absolutely no idea of this institute and seems like they cropped up a few years back. You can google and ask their alumni for more information and probably get an honest opinion about them.

You can find more information about them in or you can post the same question over there. Here’s one of the links to their review:
and here’s one from Analytics Vidhya itself:

All the best with you career and keep working toward your goal.