Please help me about my decision of career shift from Healthcare Sales to Analytics


Dear all,

I really appreciate this website, I had a question to ask you about my confusion with my career.

My background:
I have done Bsc in biotechnology and MBA biotech from Amity university, Noida. I have 4 years of experience in healthcare sales in a medical device company, but I want to shift my career to analytics.

Efforts till date:
I started with taking MOOC Statistics for Business from IIM Bangalore (Covered Descriptive stats using Excel), Analytics Edge MIT USA (Using R for data visualization, regression analysis, clustering,Trees,Text Analytics)
then I tried for jobs in the market.
During my job search, I realized that the job market is obsessed with SAS, I have now started foundation course in Data Science with SAS from Jigsaw Academy.

My Question:
But I am worried that most of the jobs are seeking either experience of least 2 years or IIM, IIT pass outs or campus placements but starting career as fresher is very tough. Can you guide me is my decision is right to move to analytics since I am very passionate about it and, how should I approach if it is right!



Here is what I would suggest:

  • Focus on a single tool, instead of trying to learn all of them. There is market for SAS as well as R. The idea is to become good on one tool and you will be able to get a job.
  • As you rightly said, the industry in India either requires you to be from a premier institute or ot have experience, which creates a challenge for people like you. I would say that you should gain experience through problems in hackathons and competitions on platform like Kaggle. Save your work on GitHub. Once you have gained experience on working on 3 -4 problems, you should be able to gain more attention from the employers.

If you continue to focus on the learning, you should be able to make a transition in 6 - 18 months.

Hope this helps.



I appreciate your quick response!
Well, I want to ask again that:

  1. How will I be able to showcase my kaggle and GitHub work in my resume and Can I project it as my work experience in the field of analytics? Suppose, if I have compleated a competition on websites like Kaggle.

2.How should I tackle the big question in interviews like Why you want to make career shift after 4 years when you can do good in this field or why it takes so much time for you to realize that.

3.At last I want to ask that after MBA and being associated with healthcare and sales field is that makes sense for me as I am a new aspirant, since education background and work experience is always a concern for the recruiters.