Please provide me an idea of what can I mine from the database described below

As part of semester project, I have made a online exam website. Users can login and appear exams, by searching the secret token. Basically the exams are hidden. I have few of my friends to appear various exams, which are of MCQ type.

Each question is provided a tag, describing the type of question.
I have a table called user_answer which has the user id, question id, the various options, the user selected option and correct option.

The table called question has question id, test id, the question itself, the options, the correct option and the tag.

The table called test has test id, subject id, test name.

The user table has name, id, password, semester etc

Since many of friends have appeared the tests, the user_answer table has more than 3000 entries.

My question is Can I perform even simple data mining stuff using the following data? Something like students’ weak portion or anything worth as an add on to my project.

Please guide and suggest me. I have implemented the project in PHP and MySQL. If possible, I would like to perform the warehousing and mining operations in MySQL, otherwise, any platform would be fine. Thanks in advance.

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