Please suggest a pathway to learn data analysis

Please guide me, how to start my study for data analysis.

What is your current experience? How much you like Maths and Numbers?

Hi @prasoon78 , I guess the first link when you type the question is from quora and I would not like to repeat it and share some links I find useful .
Hope it helps .

No experience, but i like maths obviously.

I suggest you start with some real world problems and start analyzing them to get a sense of how data helps in decision making. Lets say you want to increase the users coming on your website

There are just three important things in Data analysis.

First is knowing your business goal - here its simple, increase number of users coming on the website

Second is knowing what questions you want answers of in order to achieve that goal
Now this is a strategic thing and you need to know the domain, talk to different stakeholders and do some structured analysis to figure out what are the most important questions to ask. For example - For increasing users, I may be interested in knowing the different channels from where users come and their trend over time. Then I may want to figure out which channels I can tune to increase the users

The third one is finding the answers to these questions from data. For this you need to be well versed with the underlying system that stores data. Whether it is a MySQL database (which is in 90% of the cases) or some other datastore like MongoDB

There are some courses on analytics vidhya courses portal where we have covered the concepts of how you can do analysis with practical projects.

For the first and second one - Defining business goal and asking correct questions there is a nice course on Structured Thinking at

also for the third one - finding the answers to these questions from data, there is a nice course on

So for starters you should focus on structured problem solving and SQL/ Excel for analysis. The more you practice on real world problems the more intuition you will get about how to analyze business situations using data