Please suggest topics in statistics relevant to a data scientist



Hey guys, i just want to know what are the key topics in statistic which are essential for any data scientist. I have studied Bayes theorem, Gaussian. So can you guys suggest me the important topics which are essential for Data Scientist?


I think you should go through these topics :

  1. Klout parameters.
  2. Z-score.
  3. P-value, F-value.
  4. Tests : t-test, ANOVA, Chi-square test .

These are some of the basics that are required while exploring the data set. You can go through this article for better understanding :

Hope this helps,


Hi @Kush

Good to know that you have embarked on the journey of a data scientist on your own.

For statistics, you should take the course by Udacity. It majorly covers descriptive and inferential statistics. This forms the core of a data scientist hence you must be on top these measures of statistics.

Descriptive Statistics :
Inferential Statistics :

Considering that you’ve already learnt bayes theorem, upto this much knowledge would be sufficient for you to solve data science problems.
Rest of the topics, you’ll learn once you start working on problems. You can start here:

Until here, if this doesn’t placate your appetite, you should check this list: